Membership / General Terms and Conditions

Membership / General Terms and Conditions

1.1. Membership of Myanmar Plaza is individual. The benefits of membership cannot be used by anyone apart from the individual members.

1.2. The member consents to and accepts that the program is responsible for processing the personal information that members agree to provide. This information, as well as purchase and bonus redemption information, may be used by Myanmar Plaza shopping mall and participating businesses with the Myanmar plaza membership program, including storage and calculation of any benefits. Members’ postal addresses, e-mail addresses and mobile numbers may be used to send out information and offers within the framework of the Myanmar Plaza membership program.

1.3. Members have the right to inspect or correct their own personal information.

1.4. Membership will be confirmed via text message and/or email. Each member has a unique membership number that is generated by the registration of each Hand phone. You can find this number when you are logged in to our website or just scan the QR Code to access the privileges or join Myanmar plaza activities, as well as in emails sent by us.

1.5. In the event of misuse of program membership, privileges or lucky draw or any promotional benefits, the Myanmar Plaza membership program reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the program. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, behavior which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards the staff, partners, criminal actions or actions which are generally perceived to be immoral, unethical or contrary to these membership terms and conditions.

1.6 Members have to follow. the terms & conditions of every program that is managed or operated by the Myanmar Plaza membership program.

1.7. Members can cancel their Myanmar Plaza membership at any time. Cancellation must be in writing and sent to the Myanmar Plaza membership program.

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Cancellation will take immediate effect from the date on which Myanmar plaza membership program receives notice of cancellation.

1.8. Cancellation of membership, on any ground, means that you can no longer use any program privileges or activities.

1.9. Myanmar Plaza Membership Program is free to unilaterally change the membership terms and conditions without giving further notice to individual members. Such changes will, unless otherwise stated, take immediate effect. Myanmar Plaza membership program will publish changes to the terms and conditions on its website. However, members are responsible for keeping themselves updated in relation to any changes to the terms and conditions.